With camera & pencil in hand, I was raised amongst a family of artists who showed me the magic of nature, the play between light & shadows & the Value of craftsmanship & connection. 


My lifestyle portraiture utilizes both fluid direction & natural candid shooting to make way for real moments to unfold, whether they be wild and dramatic, or lovely and quiet. I have a special spot in my heart for the quirky, the unscripted, the messy & moody shades of life.  When Im not snapping photos and sipping teas, I'm usually dancing hula, doodling on whatever surface happens to be in front of me, and finding any & every excuse to go eat Thai curry and sushi! 

Every person carries a story intertwoven with the multiple braided strands of life's relationships. We all have our unique daily challenges, joys and moments in between that often go unnoticed.  Although seemingly small, it's these little out takes between the big sweeping scenes of our days that, when shared between loved ones or out amidst old trees, move me. I find it's when we're at our most unguarded that real connection surfaces and this is what I seek to show when I pick up my camera. I love that photographs offer a way to glimpse a person's emotion and humanity, to document the everyday in a way that hints at its' divine. 

I cant wait to hear your story. 

                                                            - Kyra